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Experience the best homebrew shop in southern Rhode Island at Craft Brews Supplies. A full scale shop servicing the beer and wine maker just starting out, all the way to the most advanced brewer venturing into large batch making.  If cider,mead or wine is your choice, we have a range of products that will suit your needs. Gift certificates are available in any denomination. 


Basic  Beginner Kits 

Just starting out? We have several beginner kits that have everything you need to get that first batch of beer going. Whether you're on a budget or if you are looking to make upgrades to your existing system we can fill your needs. 

Visit Brewer's Best to see all their products available to us

We carry a large selection of Brewer's Best ingredient kits and also offer House Recipes as a step up from there.  

Seasoned Staff

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr


OH Shoot! Do you have a brewing disaster? Our staff has over 25 years combined experience and is willing to help you with all your brewing needs. Stop by, call or send us an email and rest assured you will be served to the best of our abilities.  Disaster averted. 

Kegging supplies

 As kegs become harder to obtain, we try and stay as competitive as possible.  We have parts available to service ball lock, pin lock or sanke style kegs.  Any keg part we don't have in stock we will special order at no extra charge. 



A special thanks to our customers for being understanding and there while we are dealing with some unforeseen issues.

We had a pipe burst in our stock room and most recently our sign fell down during high winds.

We will be open for normal business so dust off your gear and get brewing. St. Patrick's Day is time for a Red ale or Irish Stout. Now is the time to get kegging!

Established in 2011, we are a full service home brew shop dedicated to delivering the best service and freshest ingredients to our customers. With over 30 years brewing experience combined, our knowledgeable staff can help you with any brewing question you might have. We carry everything from basic extract kits to the more advanced and kegging equipment too. We also carry supplies for cider, mead and wine. 

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We carry over 40 different malts from the leading Maltsters including Weyermann®, Muntons, Crisp, Briess, Dingemans, Gambrinus, Rahr, Simpsons, and Chateau. We crush your grains on site for the freshness needed for quality beer brewing. Bulk orders available. 


Right now there are huge amount of hops varieties available to homebrewers and we try to deliver as many as possible. We carry a huge selection of pellet hops, from Ahtanum to Zythos.  American, Australian, Czech, English, French, German, and New Zealand hops are all available in 1 oz sizes and 1 lb sizes by special order. We also carry the most popular hop varietals in leaf form as well. 


The live liquid yeast we carry is an industry leader in White Labs.  We have available over 30 strains including Platinum series, and the Brett and Bacteria "bugs" for sour beers. We have a loyalty reward program and a vial recycle discount as well. 

If you prefer dry yeast, no problem we've got you covered with Fermentis and Lallemand. 


Looking for a Homebrew Club? Click on the link and visit these sites

RIFT- Rhode Island Fermentation Technicians

South Shore Brew Club


Bulk grain buys available

Call for pricing and availability

  • 2-row PaleRahr
  • 6-row Pale Rahr
  • Acidulated Weyermann®
  • Aromatic Simpsons
  • Biscuit Dingemans 
  • Beechwood Smoked  Weyermann®
  • Brown Malt Crisp 
  • Black Crisp
  • Caraaroma  Weyermann®
  • Carafa I  Weyermann®
  • Carafa II Weyermann®
  • Carafa Special De-Husked Weyermann®
  • Carahell  Weyermann®
  • Caramunich I  Weyermann®
  • Caramunich II  Weyermann®
  • Caramunich III Weyermann®
  • Carapils/Caramalt  Crisp
  • Carared  Weyermann® 
  • Cherrywood Smoked Briess
  • Chocolate  Crisp
  • Chocolate Rye  Weyermann®
  • Chocolate Wheat  Weyermann®
  • Crystal/Caramel 45 Crisp
  • Crystal/Caramel 60  Crisp
  • Crystal/Caramel 80 Briess
  • Crystal Rye Simpsons
  • Coffee(Brown) Simpsons
  • DRC™ Double Roasted Crystal Simpsons
  • Flaked Barley
  • Flaked Maize
  • Flaked Oats
  • Flaked Rice
  • Flaked Rye
  • Flaked Wheat
  • Golden Promise Simpsons
  • Golden Naked Oats Simpsons 
  • Honey Malt Gambrinus
  • Maris Otter  Crisp
  • Melanoidin  Weyermann®
  • Mesquite Smoked Briess
  • Munich I  Weyermann®
  • Munich II  Weyermann®
  • Pale Malt  Weyermann®
  • Peated Smoked  Simpsons
  • Pilsner Malt  Weyermann®
  • Roasted Barley  Weyermann®
  • Rye  Weyermann®
  • Special B  Chateau 
  • Special RoastBriess
  • Torrified Wheat 
  • Vienna  Weyermann®
  • Wheat Light Weyermann®
  • Wheat Dark  Weyermann®
  • White Wheat  Rahr

 Dry Wine & Cider Yeast


  • BM 4X4
  • Bourgovin RC 212
  • D47
  • EC-1118
  • QA23
  • 71B-1122

Red Star

  • Cote des Blancs
  • Montrachet
  • Pasteur Red
  • Pasteur Champagne
  • Premier Cuvee

Brewer's Best

  • Cider House Select



The largest selection of popular  hops available in RI

  • Ahtanum
  • Amarillo (8oz)
  • Azacca 
  • Brewers Gold
  • Bravo
  • Cascade (8oz) 
  • Centennial (8oz)
  • Challenger UK
  • Chinook (8oz)
  • Citra (8oz)
  • Cluster
  • Columbus/CTZ (8oz)
  • Crystal
  • Czech Saaz  
  • East Kent Goldings UK  
  • El Dorado
  • Ekuanot  
  • Falconer's Flight
  • Fuggle UK  
  • Galaxy  AU (8oz)
  • Galena
  • German Hallertau 
  • German Hallertau Hersbrucker
  • German Hallertau Blanc
  • German Mandarina Bavaria
  • German Magnum
  • German Northern Brewer
  • German Spalt
  • German Tettnang
  • Glacier 
  • Green Bullet  NZ
  • HBC438 Experimental 
  • Idaho 7
  • Liberty
  • Medusa 
  • Mosaic (8oz)
  • Motueka NZ 
  • Mt. Hood
  • Nelson Sauvin NZ
  • Nugget 
  • Pacific Jade NZ
  • Palisade
  • Perle
  • Simcoe  
  • Sorachi Ace 
  • Sterling
  • Styrian Goldings 
  • Summit
  • Target UK
  • Vic Secret (8oz)
  • Waimea NZ
  • Wakatu NZ
  • Warrior 
  • Willamette 
  • Zythos


*8oz available 


White Labs

White Labs loyalty card program

White Labs 

  • WLP001 California 
  • WLP002 English
  • WLP004 Irish 
  • WLP005 British
  • WLP007 Dry English 
  • WLP008 East Coast 
  • WLP013 London
  • WLP028 Edinburgh
  • WLP029 German ale/Kolsch
  • WLP036 Dusseldorf Alt
  • WLP051 California V
  • WLP080 Cream Blend
  • WLP090 San Diego Super
  • WLP099 Super High Gravity 
  • WLP300 Hefeweizen
  • WLP320 American Hefeweizen
  • WLP351 Bavarian Weizen  
  • WLP400 Belgian Wit 
  • WLP500 Monastary 
  • WLP530 Abbey
  • WLP545 Belgian Strong 
  • WLP550 Belgian Ale
  • WLP565 Belgian Saison I
  • WLP570 Belgian Golden
  • WLP630 Beliner Weisse 
  • WLP644 Brett Trois
  • WLP645 Brett Claussenii 
  • WLP650 Brett Brux
  • WLP653 Brett Lambicus
  • WLP670 American Farmhouse Blend
  • WLP672 Lactobacillus Brevis
  • WLP677 Lactobacillus Delbrueckii 
  • WLP800 Pilsner Lager
  • WLP810 San Francisco 
  • WLP820 Oktoberfest lager
  • WLP830 German Lager
  • WLP833 German Bock 

*Yeast subject to availability


  • Safale US-05
  • Safale S-04
  • Safale K-97 **NEW**
  • Safcider **NEW**
  • Saflager S-23
  • Saflager S34/70
  • Saflager S-189  **NEW**
  • Safbrew Abbaye
  • Safbrew S-33
  • Safbrew T-58
  • Safbrew WB-06

Lallemand Danstar

  • Abbaye
  • Belle Saison
  • CBC Cask & Bottle
  • London ESB
  • Munich
  • Nottingham 
  • Windsor

Contact us @ 401-539-BEER (2337)



Conveniently located @ 1133 Main St. Wyoming, RI 02898

From points North and South take exit 3B off RT95
We are 1/2 mile on the left just after the light. 

From points East and West take RT138

Plenty of off street parking is available

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours

wED & Thurs 12-6p.

Fri : 10-7p.

Sat: 10-6p.

Closed : Sun, MON, TUES



***Please call ahead during inclement weather and holidays to make sure we are open***



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